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Patricia and Matthew J. O’Connor, P.E.

Matthew O’Connor, Assistant Vice President of Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services and adjunct faculty member in Engineering Science & Physics, and his wife Patricia, an elementary school teacher of English Language Arts for close to four decades, established the Matthew and Patricia O’Connor Scholarship for Engineering Excellence. This scholarship is intended for an elite non-traditional student who has returned to school for the AS degree after serving in the armed forces or working in the industry.

“MCC’s Engineering Science and Physics program has a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares graduates well for additional study and impactful careers in engineering. My wife, Patricia, a veteran educator whose tenure spans four decades of teaching at the elementary level, fully understands how powerful and life-changing education is for aspiring men and women who want to make a difference in their communities and the world. We both take enormous pride in this opportunity to provide access to a superb community college program through our scholarship support.”
- Matthew J. O’Connor, P.E.


“I absolutely love engineering and I wish to help design or build something that pushes the front line of innovation in the future. I’m extremely grateful for receiving this scholarship and would like to thank you for not just providing myself with this opportunity, but any other students who receive this scholarship in the future.”
- Greyson Chudyk, 2017 Matthew and Patricia O’Connor Scholarship Scholarship Recipient