The Fund for Student Success provided by The Wegman Family Charitable Foundation

Funded by The Wegman Family Charitable Foundation, MCC students who face food, housing, child care and transportation challenges that impede academic performance and create obstacles that threaten their ability to earn a degree should submit a confidential application for assistance from The Fund for Student Success. Award amounts vary depending on need. Eligible students should discuss in written form challenges that they and their immediate family currently face or anticipate facing in the future. Students must be willing to meet with a trained professional who is able to provide support and guidance to help address their needs. The goal of The Fund for Student Success is to complement other resources and ensure students successfully complete their education at MCC.


1.) Incoming, first-semester MCC student.
2.) Demonstrated financial need and/or PELL eligible.

Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

• $400 food scholarship each semester you are a Wegmans Scholar
• Individualized support from a success coach
• Events to help you join the campus community
• Workshops to assist with personal and professional development
• Emergency assistance to help address economic challenges you may experience

If you are experiencing a serious housing or food issue and need assistance, please call the Student Success Center at Brighton Campus – 585.292.2534 or Downtown Campus – 585.685.6145.

Food, Housing, Transportation, and Child Care
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in danger of dropping out of MCC for any of the following (please check all that apply):
  2. Please select YES or NO if you are receiving any of the following Student Support Services:
    • CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program)
    • EOP (Educational Opportunity Program)
    • HWSC (Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection)
    • SSSP (Student Support Services Program)
  3. During the last 60 days, were you hungry but didn't eat because your family didn't have enough food?
  4. During the last 60 days, how often were you not able to eat a balanced meal because your family didn't have enough money?
  5. During the last 60 days, did you miss classes because you had no child care?
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