Gavi Springut

Gavi Springut Scholarship

This scholarship was created by his devoted parents, Jeffrey and Lyn Springut, to honor the memory of Gavriel (Gavi) Springut, an MCC alumnus, who majored in Communications. His internship on John DeTullio’s Sports Talk Radio started a relationship of several years, where he even had a segment on the show called “Get Gavi”. Callers would try to stump his prodigious memory for sports stats, but rarely succeeded. Gavi overcame lifelong health and other challenges and went on to SUNY Brockport before passing away with a brain tumor in 2013 at just age 24. Gavi was an Eagle Scout, a world traveler, and a very kind, funny, thoughtful and caring person, who made a big impression on young and old and is remembered lovingly by hundreds of people.