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Beyond the Formula Endowed Scholarships

Beyond the Formula Endowed Scholarships

Beyond the Formula Endowed Scholarships

Monroe Community College Professor Emeritus Bob Johnson and colleagues from the Mathematics Department started the Beyond the Formula Scholarship as a legacy of the Beyond the Formula Statistics Conferences held at Monroe Community College. Proceeds from the conferences started the scholarship in 2007, and a matching challenge gift from Bob and Barbara Johnson and numerous gifts from mathematics faculty endowed the scholarship in 2009.

After attending a mathematics conference in 1996, Professor Johnson came away realizing the teachers of introductory statistics needed a conference dealing only with the teaching of statistics. In the mid 1990s, statistics was well on its way to becoming one of the most needed and popular college courses, and mathematics teachers had many questions/concerns about the best way to teach it. Beyond the Formula Statistics Conferences originated at MCC in 1997 under the leadership of Johnson and several Mathematics Department colleagues. The annual two-day conference was designed to promote excellence in the teaching of introductory statistics by presenting the latest developments in teaching, to those faculty teaching introductory statistics at four-year colleges, two-year colleges and high schools.

Mathematics and Statistics are more than collections of numbers, data, formulas, problems to be solved and the methods to solve or analyze. When students are studying mathematics or statistics in the classroom the mission is to learn and understand the ways to look at, and methods to organize and quantify the situation. The goal is to attain a level of understanding that is well beyond the ability to identify and use the appropriate formula and methodologies needed to find the answers. At this level of understanding, students will be better prepared as they meet the challenges of problem solving and decision making in their personal lives and in their vocations. Numbers (the most easily recognized part of mathematics and statistics) are a major part of every aspect of our life – look around, it is hard to find information about anything without it, including numbers, mathematical models or statistical information.

The purpose of these [three] scholarships is to recognize and honor mathematics students at Monroe Community College who have excelled in their understanding of mathematics and/or statistics well beyond the formula level and plan to continue studying mathematics and/or statistics, as well as pursue careers in mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, statistics education, or related fields.


Christine Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Christine Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the life of Christine Smith, an alumna of the MCC Nursing program. Chris was an experienced and devoted nurse who transitioned to nursing as a second career and worked in the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital for 11 years. The scholarship will provide support to students in the Nursing program at MCC who may need financial assistance for tuition, childcare, licensure expenses and other items not traditionally covered by financial aid or other scholarship awards.

This scholarship was established in loving memory by Chris’ husband, Charles Smith, and four children; Pam Smith-Klotzer, Jennifer Smith, Amanda Smith, and Mark Smith.


Coen Moore Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students

The Coen Moore Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students was established by the friends and family of Coen Moore, a 6 year old boy who battled neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. It was Coen’s journey that inspired his mother, Kailey Hamilton ‘16, to become a nurse through MCC’s nursing program.

Linda Curran Scholarship Students 05.11.18.jpg

Family and Friends of Linda Curran '79

Linda Curran ’79 Memorial Student Aide Scholarship was established in 2013 to honor the memory of Linda Curran, an MCC alumna and long-time employee of the college. She touched the lives of countless students by acting as a mentor to the student aides employed in her office. A student aide while she attended MCC, this scholarship will provide assistance to deserving MCC students who are employed as student aides at the college.

Farash Foundation First in Family Scholarship at Monroe Community College

Farash Foundation First in Family Scholarship at Monroe Community College

Max Farash was a successful Rochester businessman and entrepreneur who immigrated to the U.S. with his family as a young boy. He started working in high school and went on to become one of New York’s biggest real estate developers, but never had the opportunity to go to college. This scholarship was established by the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation to enable students from Monroe and Ontario Counties who are first in their family to attend college to graduate from college debt-free.

Friends, family and colleagues of Pamela D. Korte and Deborah L. Seelos

Friends, family and colleagues of Pamela D. Korte and Deborah L. Seelos

In honor of the retirements of Pamela D. Korte and Deborah L. Seelos, please consider making a charitable donation to the Nursing General Scholarship Fund. Each of these colleagues has showed tireless commitment to Monroe Community College, the Department of Nursing and nursing students.

Let’s demonstrate our appreciation and admiration for Pam and Deb through a generous contribution to the Nursing General Scholarship Fund. Our distinguished honorees will be notified of your honorary gift at their retirement party on January 10. For more information on the retirement celebration, please contact the Department of Nursing at 585.292.2034.

Please make your honorary gift online at www.monroecc.edu or Give Now. If you wish to make a gift by phone or check, please contact the MCC Foundation at 585.262.1500.

Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Jane Garr established this scholarship in hopes that it will change the recipient as the MCC Nursing Program changed her life. Like generations of nurses before her, when Jane Garr ’68 graduated from Monroe Community College, she pledged to “endeavor to seek new knowledge at all times” and “maintain the dignity and strength of nursing.”

Garr strengthened the field of nursing by starting her career at the Genesee Hospital in Rochester and returning to MCC in 1971 to teach future nurses. Following her retirement from MCC in 1992, Jane and her husband, Dan, reinforced their commitment to MCC’s Department of Nursing and the field itself by establishing the Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship helps promising nursing students achieve their career goals.

“Ours was the first class to graduate from MCC’s Brighton Campus,” said Garr who raised four children while attending classes. “I loved learning and teaching at MCC. The educational experience at MCC changed my life. The scholarship fund helps me feel connected to the college.”

Jean Willis and friends and family of Tim Karnisky

Jean Willis and friends and family of Tim Karnisky


To support deserving students and aspiring Firefighters as they complete their education in Monroe Community College’s Fire Protection Technology program and to provide a legacy in the memory of Tim Karnisky. Explorer, volunteer and a dedicated, career firefighter, Tim was also an avid fire photographer whose photographs were frequently on Monroe County Fire Wire and an article in Fire House Magazine.

Juliane Marino Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Student Nurses

Juliane Marino Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Student Nurses

Established in 2010 to provide financial support to students in the Nursing Program at MCC and to recognize the outstanding care MCC nursing graduates provide in the community. The scholarship is in memory of Juliane Marino. Julia was a passionate lifelong learner with strong interests in science, technology, medicine, politics, languages, and the arts. Her sharp sense of humor and her joy in life and in the company of others touched innumerable lives. Many nurses trained at MCC gave her skilled and compassionate care toward the end of her too-brief life.


Lewis Tree Service

The Lewis Tree Service Scholarship honors the commitment and generosity of Thomas “Duke” Terry to Lewis Tree Service and its employees. It reflects the philosophy of Duke and the entire Lewis Tree Service family of giving back to the community and assisting those in need. This scholarship is intended to help incoming first-year students in their pursuit of post-secondary education at MCC.

Margaret Wall Foundation picture.jpg

Margaret Wall Memorial Scholarship

To support deserving, adult students in Nursing and to honor the memory of Margaret Wall. Margaret was a graceful, kind, considerate a loving person and nurse who passed away on February 2, 2017 at the age of 94. The scholarship is established by her loving daughter Patricia Glover and is supported by Margaret’s dear family and friends.

Belle-Isle_Chris_Marilyn_TUZ3914 USE.jpg

Marilyn McCleary and G. Christopher Belle-Isle '67

Chris, a member of MCC’s third graduating class and director of the Career and Transfer Center (retired) and his wife Marilyn, a gifted painter who has worked in the fine arts for over 40 years, have a passion for helping students realize their education, career and employment goals. They have created the Marilyn and Chris Belle-Isle Fine Arts Endowed Scholarship to provide assistance to a student with a passion for fine arts, who are enrolled in the Fine Arts (FA01) A.S. degree program at MCC.

MCC has always been a significant part of our lives. The same has been true for the fine arts with Marilyn being a well-known local artist. In an era focused on technology, mathematics and science-based disciplines, we feel the humanities, in this case the fine arts, should also be recognized and supported for their valuable contributions to our culture. Providing this scholarship is one way to help students pursue their artistic endeavors. As Pablo Picasso stated: “Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life”. – Chris Belle-Isle ’67

Mary Nolan.JPG

Mary P. Nolan Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship

The Mary P. Nolan Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship was established in 2016 to honor the memory of Mary P. Nolan, loving mother, sister, and friend and dedicated employee of Monroe Community College. This scholarship supports MCC students who share Mary’s passion for dance and the performing arts.

Officer Daryl Pierson Memorial Scholarship

Officer Daryl Pierson Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2015 to honor the memory and service of Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson, who died in the line of duty in September 2014. The scholarship will support MCC students studying Criminal Justice and will honor and recognize Officer Daryl Pierson’s exemplary work ethic as a student in MCC’s Criminal Justice program. A pledge of $10,000 from Sue Cable and Donald A. Tubman initiated the scholarship and the donors encourage others to help endow the scholarship to create an ever-lasting tribute to Daryl. Professor Cable joined the MCC faculty in 1986 as the first full-time, female faculty member in the Criminal Justice department and Officer Pierson was one of Professor Cable’s favorite students.

Matthew & Patricia O'Connor.jpg

Patricia and Matthew J. O’Connor, P.E.

Matthew O’Connor, Assistant Vice President of Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services and adjunct faculty member in Engineering Science & Physics, and his wife Patricia, an elementary school teacher of English Language Arts for close to four decades, established the Matthew and Patricia O’Connor Scholarship for Engineering Excellence. This scholarship is intended for an elite non-traditional student who has returned to school for the AS degree after serving in the armed forces or working in the industry.

“MCC’s Engineering Science and Physics program has a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares graduates well for additional study and impactful careers in engineering. My wife, Patricia, a veteran educator whose tenure spans four decades of teaching at the elementary level, fully understands how powerful and life-changing education is for aspiring men and women who want to make a difference in their communities and the world. We both take enormous pride in this opportunity to provide access to a superb community college program through our scholarship support.”
- Matthew J. O’Connor, P.E.

Patricia Flynn Soltys '72

Patricia Flynn Soltys '72

Patricia Flynn Soltys Endowed Scholarship

MCC alumna, Patricia Flynn Soltys ’72, established this scholarship in 2006 to provide incoming freshman with financial aid to help prepare them for their desired career in manufacturing, technology or business.

Richard A. Nasca Memorial Scholarship for Optics Excellence

Richard A. Nasca Memorial Scholarship for Optics Excellence

Richard A. Nasca was a passionate leader and dedicated volunteer working to advance the Monroe Community College Optical Systems Technology Program. A member of the MCC Optics Advisory Committee, Rick worked closely with colleagues and friends at the MCC Foundation, Corning Incorporated Foundation and Corning Incorporated to secure and oversee a $500,000 grant that revitalized the MCC Optics program. Faculty were hired, curriculum revised, laboratories redesigned, equipment donated, enrollment exploded and graduates earned extraordinary jobs as as a result of Rick’s tireless efforts. The Richard A. Nasca Memorial Scholarship for Optics Excellence will provide full tuition scholarships to MCC students in Rick’s honor. The student recipients will be known as Nasca Scholars and will carry on Rick’s passion for optics excellence. The Richard A. Nasca Memorial Scholarship for Optics Excellence was established in 2015 by the Corning Incorporated Foundation with a $60,000 gift.


Robert Strong Family Scholarship

Established in 2016, the Robert Strong Family Scholarship supports MCC students pursuing a career pathway through an accelerated or one-year certificate program. It was established in memory of Robert Strong, a Kodak retiree who believed in the value of self-sacrifice and who desired to help those who make a concerted effort to improve circumstance for themselves and their families.

Rochester McDonald’s Hospitality Scholarship in Memory of Richard M. Guon

Rochester McDonald’s Hospitality Scholarship in Memory of Richard M. Guon

To provide scholarship support for deserving Monroe Community College students in the Hospitality program with a preference for supporting a McDonald’s employee.

The Rochester Operators McDonald’s Association Corporation (ROMAC) wishes to pay tribute to Richard M. Guon (1946-2009) by providing scholarship support in his memory. Rich’s passion for education as a path to individual success and his dedication to community enrichment fueled his leadership and generosity to MCC and the MCC Foundation. Rich served as a Foundation Director and Council Member from 1988 to 2009; he was a Trustee of the College from 2004 to 2009.

STAR Power Endowed Scholarship

STAR Power Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide financial support for single parents attending MCC. The following astute, forward-thinking philanthropists lead the STAR Power Scholarship Initiative:
Kathleen K. Bromley
Essie Calhoun-McDavid
Julie Camardo-Steron/ Zweigle’s Inc.
Jill Cicero
Flor Colón
Penny Crudup ‘12
Lauren Dixon/ Dixon Schwabl Advertising
Bernice Hatch
Nellie Hedegard
Cecelia Horwitz
Dr. Anne Kress
Dolores Kruchten
Cynthia Langston
Diana Lauria
Karen C. Martin/ Corning Incorporated Foundation
Elaine Michael
Dr. Vivian Palladoro
Sandra Parker
Kathleen Pavelka ‘79
Abby Reinhard
Diane Shoger
Naomi Silver
Elizabeth Sydor ‘79
Lori Van Dusen
Donna Wenk
Maureen Wolfe
Gretchen Wood

Teresa C. Schottler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Teresa C. Schottler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2011 in memory of Teresa C. Schottler and reward outstanding student success at MCC. The scholarship seeks to support exemplary students with above average passion and academic performance in Hospitality Management.



To honor the memory of Bernice and George J. Coury, who understood the importance of a college education. George had a very robust life: was a civil worker in the NAVY, an instrument maker, a valuable engineer. Both Bernice and George were in the peace corps and champion square dancers. They deeply understood first-hand, the financial challenges that students often face and established this scholarship to help satisfy the unmet financial needs of deserving MCC students in a 2 plus 2 program.

Borbee sm.jpg

The Borbee Family

The Donald B. and Kathleen R. Borbee Memorial Scholarship was established in 2017 as a permanent and everlasting tribute to Donald and Kathleen – loving parents of 11 grateful children and 18 grandchildren – who encouraged the pursuit of education and continually reminded their family, “If you don’t like what you are, be something better.” This scholarship will support one full-time student majoring in Business and one full-time student majoring in Human Services.

Frankie Yankees Hat.jpeg

The Frankie Valente Memorial EMS Endowed Scholarship

EMTs and paramedics are vital to every community. As first responders, it is their duty to have the skills and training to provide life saving aid to an individual during some of the most trying situations in their lives. These amazing people always put stranger’s lives first, sometimes sacrificing their own to provide care and comfort to people in need.

The Frankie Valente Memorial EMS Endowed Scholarship is a permanent and everlasting tribute to Frankie – an EMT who passed away on the job in January 2018. Frankie’s parents, Joyce and Anthony Valente hope to support students in MCC’s EMT and paramedic program who embody the motto “Helping Others, Help Others”.

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The Martha Maher-Garcia Memorial Scholarship

To honor the memory of Martha Maher-Garcia, former Director of Human Resources at Monroe Community College and champion of educational opportunities for Rochester women. The Martha Maher-Garcia Memorial Scholarship is intended to support deserving mothers as they pursue their career goals as students at Monroe Community College.

Owen Schwartz.jpg

The Owen Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

Owen Schwartz never had it “easy,” but he didn’t let that stop him from living his best life. He persevered through challenges that would’ve deterred many of us to achieve a Star ranking in Boy Scouts, write for the school yearbook, and participate in Churchville-Chili’s Unified Basketball program (and those were just some of his more recent accomplishments). We are certain Owen would’ve continued to overcome whatever adversity he faced and gone on to attend college. It is through this scholarship and its recipients, that Owen will now get the opportunity to do that every year.

Despite Owen’s challenges, he was an ordinary teenage boy in a lot of ways — he went to get ice cream with his friends, posted funny pictures on social media and knew everything about cars. But in other ways, he was far from ordinary – in fact, he was extraordinary. He wasn’t “too cool” to take goofy selfies with his “best friend,” his mom. He was kind. He was caring. He was beautifully honest. He appreciated soft and quiet over loud and abrasive. He gave great hugs. But what stood out most about Owen, was even when he needed more help than anyone else, he instead looked to help others first. So he would be overjoyed to know that with this scholarship he’s now going to help other current and future “extraordinary” students achieve their dreams.

Please make your honorary gift online at www.monroecc.edu or Give Now. If you wish to make a gift by phone or check, please contact the MCC Foundation at 585.292.3680.

Thiem Foundation

Thiem Foundation

The Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation have supported MCC Nursing students with scholarships since 2004. Their investment has helped more than 150 nursing students complete their education and successfully enter the health care community as highly skilled and compassionate nurses. In 2012, the Thiem Foundation generously expanded its impact on MCC students by creating the MCC Scholars program to support academically talented students enrolled in programs other than nursing.

Flynn Tom and Kate IMG_6872.JPG

Tom & Kate Flynn

Tom and Kate Flynn established the R. Thomas and Kate Flynn Scholarship in 2007 in honor of Tom’s retirement as President. A major gift made in 2017 by Mr. and Mrs. Flynn endowed the scholarship to ensure a legacy of support for deserving student leaders at MCC. Two awards are made every year, each to a student leader at the Downtown Campus and Brighton Campus. To date, a total of 18 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students.

“I am uniquely aware that many students need financial assistance to complete their education. Kate and I are pleased we were able to establish this endowment which will provide a number of scholarships every year.” – Tom Flynn


Tony Lambiase, Jr. Memorial Firefighter's Scholarship

To honor the memory of Tony Lambiase Jr., a firefighter who graduated from MCC in 2000, and to foster further interest in the field of firefighting service.

2F5A3474 copy.jpg

Vernita and Emerson Fullwood

Emerson and Vernita Fullwood set established the Emerson U. and Vernita Fullwood Scholarship to support Rochester City School District students demonstrating academic promise and/or financial challenges as they pursue their career and educational goals at MCC. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a significant financial need and have limited available resources to fund their education.

“The scholarship we created through the MCC Foundation supports RCSD students continued education at MCC. Since 2014 we’ve been able to help 18 students who may otherwise not been able to go to college. We are proud of our students and know when they graduate from MCC they’re prepared for the workforce or next step in their education. It brings us great to joy to be part of their journey.” – Emerson U. Fullwood