Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Jane Garr established this scholarship in hopes that it will change the recipient as the MCC Nursing Program changed her life. Like generations of nurses before her, when Jane Garr ’68 graduated from Monroe Community College, she pledged to “endeavor to seek new knowledge at all times” and “maintain the dignity and strength of nursing.”

Garr strengthened the field of nursing by starting her career at the Genesee Hospital in Rochester and returning to MCC in 1971 to teach future nurses. Following her retirement from MCC in 1992, Jane and her husband, Dan, reinforced their commitment to MCC’s Department of Nursing and the field itself by establishing the Jane L. Garr Endowed Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship helps promising nursing students achieve their career goals.

“Ours was the first class to graduate from MCC’s Brighton Campus,” said Garr who raised four children while attending classes. “I loved learning and teaching at MCC. The educational experience at MCC changed my life. The scholarship fund helps me feel connected to the college.”


“My education provided me with a life-long career that I loved and enabled me to grow as a person and achieve in area that I never thought was possible. I hope this award will help you achieve your goals.”