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The Owen Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

Owen Schwartz never had it “easy,” but he didn’t let that stop him from living his best life. He persevered through challenges that would’ve deterred many of us to achieve a Star ranking in Boy Scouts, write for the school yearbook, and participate in Churchville-Chili’s Unified Basketball program (and those were just some of his more recent accomplishments). We are certain Owen would’ve continued to overcome whatever adversity he faced and gone on to attend college. It is through this scholarship and its recipients, that Owen will now get the opportunity to do that every year.

Despite Owen’s challenges, he was an ordinary teenage boy in a lot of ways — he went to get ice cream with his friends, posted funny pictures on social media and knew everything about cars. But in other ways, he was far from ordinary – in fact, he was extraordinary. He wasn’t “too cool” to take goofy selfies with his “best friend,” his mom. He was kind. He was caring. He was beautifully honest. He appreciated soft and quiet over loud and abrasive. He gave great hugs. But what stood out most about Owen, was even when he needed more help than anyone else, he instead looked to help others first. So he would be overjoyed to know that with this scholarship he’s now going to help other current and future “extraordinary” students achieve their dreams.

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