Tom & Kate Flynn

Tom & Kate Flynn

Tom and Kate Flynn established the R. Thomas and Kate Flynn Scholarship in 2007 in honor of Tom’s retirement as President. A major gift made in 2017 by Mr. and Mrs. Flynn endowed the scholarship to ensure a legacy of support for deserving student leaders at MCC. Two awards are made every year, each to a student leader at the Downtown Campus and Brighton Campus. To date, a total of 18 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students.

“I am uniquely aware that many students need financial assistance to complete their education. Kate and I are pleased we were able to establish this endowment which will provide a number of scholarships every year.” – Tom Flynn


Thank you very much for awarding me with the R. Thomas & Kate Flynn Scholarship. I truly appreciate the scholarship which will help me in my future plans. A great deal of stress has been lifted from my shoulders because my financial stance right now is not very stable. I know my family has been struggling with finances the past few years and to save money, knowing I would receive a good education, I decided to go to MCC to save my family trouble. I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, in particular, I would love to be a physician’s assistant. – Gialeigh Liou, 2017 R. Thomas & Kate Flynn Scholarship Recipient