The Wiranowski Universal Humanism of Hope Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established in 2009 by Jan Z. Wiranowski, distinguished professor of mathematics and foreign languages, to express his gratitude to MCC and to assist students who represent a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from mathematics and sciences to philosophy, literature, foreign languages and cultures. Evolved from the founder’s life trail from barbarisms of war, life-death situations, culminating with the affirmation of faith in an enlightened human potential.

Universal Humanism of Hope or Astro-Planetary Humanism of Hope is a concept designed to be thought provoking, subject to exploration and further development by the interested and committed. Source of the concept: over 70 years of life experiences, observation and reflection on a life trail through barbarisms of war, life-or-death situations, ruthless oppression, misery, hunger, discrimination, injustice and abuse – all the way to the affirmation of faith in an enlightened human potential and in humanism of hope. Thus, A Universal Humanist of Hope is a humanist of today and of tomorrow, a human being with big horizons, universally educated and caring; a person who aspires to freedom from the confines of societal cocoons; someone dedicated to the individual and collective human rights and interests, as well as to animal rights. All of this within the context of this awesome, inspiring, and challenging Universe of which humans are an integral part; a Universe that may be impacted through sciences whenever necessary and possible, in order to insure welfare and survival of the species. And also, in order to advance the unyielding quest for human identity and its place and role in the Universe, if any.


Any student currently enrolled in at least 10 credit hours at Monroe Community College meeting the following requirements:
1. Must have successfully completed at least 12 credit hours at Monroe Community College, and be in the process of completing enough credits to have a total of at least 24 credit hours by the end of the spring semester.
2. Must have a cumulative MCC GPA of 3.7 or higher.
3. For creative thinkers, who are committed to human rights and interests – on a planetary (global) scale, within the context of the Universe of which they are part.
4. Must be able to show how the idea of the Universal Humanism of Hope has in the past and may in the future relate to the applicant’s activities and career.
5. A typed essay (1000 word minimum) is required from the applicant addressing the following:

  • Imaginative and creative exploration of the idea of Universal Humanism of Hope
  • How the idea of Universal Humanism of Hope has in the past and may in the future relate to the applicant’s activities and/or career.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I have read the letter to the applicant (Please see the Help Text for instructions.)
  2. Completed Mathematics Courses
  3. Current Mathematics Courses
  4. Area of specialization / program of study:
  5. Number of credit hours completed in the area of specialization:
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