Jan Wiranowski Renaissance Endowed Scholarship (Non-Traditional)

Established in 2007 by Jan Z. Wiranowski, distinguished professor of mathematics and foreign languages, to express his gratitude to MCC and to assist students with traditional and/or varied, non-traditional background or experiences, who are aspiring to reach their full academic and personal potential.

During his many years of service to MCC, since 1967, Professor Wiranowski has been continually inspired and encouraged by many prominent members of the college community whose vision and faith in human potential have significantly impacted his career. It is against this intellectually fertile background at MCC that Professor Wiranowski was able to meet head on the challenges of significant professional diversification and enrichment. Aside from teaching mathematics during the last 30 years, Professor Wiranowski had also taught several languages at MCC. In addition, some of his professional work in mathematics has been published and is used at MCC.

He established this endowed Renaissance Scholarship, to be credited towards the MCC tuition, in order to express his care for students, his gratitude to MCC and to underscore his faith in human potential. It is his hope that these scholarships will assist students interested in promoting humanistic values and ideals; and finally, students with a nontraditional academic trail.


Any student currently enrolled in at least 10 credit hours at Monroe Community College meeting the following requirements:

1. Must have successfully completed at least 12 credit hours at Monroe Community College, and be in the process of completing enough credits to have a total of at least 24 credit hours by the end of the spring semester.
2. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.
3. Must be able to demonstrate a degree of tangible accomplishments in the areas of interest and the field of specialization.
4. Must be able to show that she/he possesses some of the attributes and/or life experiences as sampled here (or the like): creativity, passion(s), vision, determination; visible progress and a clear movement toward accomplishing his/her goals or satisfying intellectual curiosity; strong and demonstrable commitment to hard work; determination and ability to face adversities; meaningful life experiences, ranging from being subjected to persecution, discrimination, abuse, or the like, to performing acts of courage, or having significantly and positively impacted the life of other human beings; other noble acts, noteworthy deeds or attributes.
5. Must have a plan and a set of criteria for the continued education that are linked to his/her hitherto accomplishments and/or personal history. This does not exclude well justified changes of direction in life. In fact, if such a change is real, practical and useful, it is very welcome; in accordance with the basic fact of life that change is a must, so we must change.
6. Must have successfully completed (or is in the process of completing by the end of the current semester) courses that are relevant to his/her professional objectives, in order to qualify for the award. It is left to the applicant, to convincingly elaborate on this compliance.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I have read the letter to the applicant (Please see the Help Text for instructions.)
  2. Completed Mathematics Courses
  3. Current Mathematics Courses
  4. Area of specialization / program of study:
  5. Number of credit hours completed in the area of specialization:
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