NEW STUDENT: Horkheimer Family Memorial Scholarship

Established in July 2021 to honor the memories of James and John Horkheimer by making a difference in the lives of future MCC students who might not believe that a college education is within their reach.


1.) Full-time students.
2.) Demonstrated financial need.
3.) Single parent.
4.) African American.
5.) Preference for students who have experienced and are overcoming unique circumstances.

New Student
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you plan to attend MCC full-time next semester?
  2. Please include an essay of why you are requesting the funds. You should include how this scholarship will directly impact you and the unique challenges you face (such as loss of employment; family hardships, lack of family support; learning disability; returning adult student; working and going to school full time; childcare; etc…). Provide information that we cannot get from your FAFSA, and that you feel will separate your application from other candidates.